Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Now Back to Work

There she sits beside the house in the pile of leaves, all forlorn and feeling neglected. This is no way for her to feel.

I'm finally going to get back to work on her this weekend. Now that the holidays have past and things can get back to some semblance of normalcy, plans are in place to replace the circuit board in the fridge this weekend.  There is also an electrical problem that needs to be figured out. I'm hoping its the faulty circuit board in the fridge that keeps draining the on-board battery. If that's not it, more investigative work is in order. I know the water pump has been humming as well, so its turned off at the moment and will probably need replacing. I need to get cracking because camping season for us in here in central Arizona can be year-round. 


Frank's Trailer Works said...

time to stop talking and get doing

utee94 said...

That sweet-looking trailer deserves some lovin', Brad.

I love your roll-out awning by the way. Some people say that legacy trailers don't look right with them, but I disagree with those narrow-minded people! :)


Brad Norgaard said...

Thanks Marcus. Yeah, having the awning has made a big difference on how much more enjoyable the campsite is.

Sugarfoot said...

I can't believe you're letting me get away with more camping in a Tradewind than you.

Your trailer always looks great. It willlook even better out in nature somewhere. :-D

Brad Norgaard said...

What was that you said about a roll-out awning Marcus? Seems you had one and them got a rope-and-pole awning. So glad your comment here is written in stone for all to see. HA!!!