Friday, January 23, 2009

Wally's Bubble Interior Shots

As one could imagine of a trailer that has seen many miles and different owners and is in itself, 54 years old, the interior has held up quite well. Over time, it has had some modifications and has shown wear and tear but there is enough of it present to right the ship, so to speak, and put it back to original. Sam's plans are to do just that and I am really excited to see this take place. The green countertops and table top were additions along with a newer style fridge. Somewhere in the 70's, if I had to say. Around this same timeframe, the small bathroom was removed that was just inside the entrance door to the right. The two round lights that are above the front window and to the right were actually inside the partition wall that was for the bathroom. Part of the front window was in the bathroom. Directly under the front window along the bathroom partition wall is where I believe the original location of the fridge was placed. The current location of the fridge is where a vertical wardrobe closet was. A closer examination of the walls and possible rivet / screw holes would determine if this is correct. I hope to be able to view this trailer once more before it leaves town.

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