Monday, January 19, 2009

Pictures of the New Fridge Board Replacement

This replacement was straightforward with one small hitch. The old circuit board had nine tabs for electrical connections and the replacement had ten tabs. The extra one was for an additional ground so I needed to make the wire and put on both female tab ends. The instructions were spot on with informative diagrams and explanations. 

While it was out, I cleaned off all of the tubes, top and sides of the fridge from all of the accumulated dust. This should help it cool much better. Amazing how much there was.

The replacement board is a Dinosaur brand, model number Micro P-711 for a Dometic RM2607. The installation was much easier than I anticipated and judging from the quality of their product, the informative directions and how well the board was packaged, I'd say their product is first rate. Time will tell on the performance but I don't anticipate any problems.

Dinosaur Electronics Inc.
Lincoln City, OR


Sugarfoot said...

Looks good, does this mean your beer will stay cold now? :-)

Brad Norgaard said...

Yes, ice cold beer is a must.