Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Few More Pix

Got a bit more done on the Scout Truck and thought I would take it out in the sun for some more photos. Its really starting to come together.

Heading out to the Restoration Rally in Albuquerque this morning once Uwe arrives as he is my transport. Planning on taking the Scout Truck where it can make its public debut. Stay tuned as I will post pictures from the rally.

On edit: I'll post some rally pictures once I get my camera back from Uwe. I left it in his Suburban after the rally.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Can't Keep a Secret

Well, I finally shared with PeeWee that I was building a scale model of his famous African caravan  scout truck for him. I just couldn't hold it any longer. Still some finishing touches to do and figure out what type of display case to make for it. The shell is made from aluminum flashing and the 'rivets' are actual brass brads. I modeled it from two or three photos that PeeWee had posted.

The story on the difference in wording on the big red and white banners on the side was that Wally was told the use of the word "Biblelands' may not go over so well once the caravan gets to northern Africa so he had a sign painter change it to 'Near East' somewhere down south probably near Johannesburg.

I'll post more pictures when it gets done.