Friday, June 12, 2009

Smokin' BBQ Ribs Time

I can't take all of the credit for this as both Frank and Marcus have posted about their barbecue endeavors on their blogs in the past month. I just had to post mine although I'm not nearly as involved as they are. I DO have a few secret ingredients from the garden that I'll share though.

I created a rib rub of ingredients that included brown sugar, ground pepper, cinnamon, chili pepper, a few sprinkles of different seasonings and a little something from the garden that just set it off perfectly, gives it that little kick. We sun-dried some of our chili's from the garden, ground them up with a coffee grinder and then added this to the rib rub.

After these had set for about four hours in the fridge, I put filtered-water soaked apple chips above the burner on the small camp grill and set it to high. Once this was really smoking and starting to smell just right, I turned down the burner to low and added the ribs. These smoked and cooked for about an hour and a half and were turned every half hour.

Oh the sweet smell of smoking barbecue. I could hardly wait until they were done so I occupied myself with preparing the farmer's market sweet corn and the sourdough bread. A little melted butter was added to the sourdough and then lightly sprinkled with garlic powder and wrapped up in aluminum foil and put on the grill. The water for the corn was seasoned and brought to a boil. the two cobs were added and allowed to simmer.

We got so involved, we forgot to slice up some of today's bounty from the garden. We have been harvesting tomatoes like crazy this past week and this morning's were no different. We like to slice them and have them with mozzarella and balsamic vinegar. Guess we'll have them tomorrow with lunch.

Dinner was fantastic and I want to thank Marcus and Frank for spurring me on. After reading their posts about their BBQ earlier this week, I just had to give it a shot.