Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Went and Looked At Another One

This week, I went and looked at a late '50s Terry trailer advertised on CraigsList. Fortunately, this one was right here in town. The owner only wants $300 for it but it was hard to see past all of the junk in it. It's last function was a one man recording studio years ago and it has been stored ever since. After the gentleman passed away, his sons went through the trailer and took out all of the old recording equipment to sell on Ebay and they just tossed everything else on the floor, beds and every where else. It had experienced some serious leaks before being stored under a cover so alot of the wood needed to be replaced. Just to overwhelming of a project for me since its not an Airstream.


Frank Yensan said...

so did you buy it? Tin Can Tourist rig?

Brad Norgaard said...

Nope. Was too far gone but I wanted a few parts off of it. They weren't worth the $300 the guy was asking for it though and I'd still have the trailer to deal with.