Monday, August 18, 2008

Fridge Repair

My Dometic RM2607 has been giving me fits for a number of years and I just haven't wanted to replace the entire the unit. Currently, the unit works fine on 110 volt but after about a day of running on propane, the 'CHECK' light comes on and won't cool. It has to stay off for at least an hour or so and then, maybe, it will come back on. I spoke with an RV repairman who was recommended and he came out and looked at it. He recommended replacing it with a new one. Because of cost, I couldn't bring myself to do it plus the new fridge's aren't the same size as my present one. Recently, I found a thread on suggesting a board replacement has fixed others 'Check' light problems. I ordered a Dino replacement board Micro P-711 and it has come in so I need to pull it out to replace the board. While its out, I plan on cleaning out the chimney as suggested by Lew Farber, the Lewster on the Forums. 
I'm hosting a 4CU rally at the end of this month up in Williams, AZ and will have full hook-ups so I think I'll wait to replace the board until after the rally and it cools down some here in Phoenix. Stay tuned for an update on the board replacement and I'll include contact info for the board at that time.

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