Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm New to Blogging

After visiting Uwe's, Rob's and Frank's blogs, I thought it was about time I started one about my 1959 Airstream TradeWind. Although there isn't much to restoration work to report on since its so hot here in Phoenix right now, I can still post about the 4CU and our upcoming Labor Day rally. We'll be rallying in Williams, AZ just west of Flagstaff off I-40 and taking in the south rim of the Grand Canyon. To learn more about this rally, visit the thread here:


'59 TradeWind Blog said...

Here's the link:

Like I said, I'm new to blogging.

Frank Yensan said...

I am glad to have influenced you in a positive manor. Rob was my inspiration for starting a blog. one tidd bit... make sure you set the comments to be moderated. If you do not, pimply faced animae guys will stick links in and just make the blog look bad. You are off to a great start. thank you for doing this.