Saturday, April 10, 2010

Airstream Photo Shoot

You just never know how owning a vintage Airstream is going to open different avenues of opportunity or just who you'll meet. I had the opportunity to have the TradeWind used as a backdrop in a desert photo shoot highlighting two highly photogenic young models. We went out in the desert southeast of Fountain Hills to a fairly remote location and took pictures until the sun set. I didn't take many pictures of the models since the actual professional photographer Kai, had that fully covered but I did take a few. I also took the opportunity, as I always do, to take a few of the Airstream in a different setting.

The weather was perfect and the desert was green from all of the previous rainfall. The sky was a perfect desert spring azure blue. It was a bit warm in the direct sun but nice and cool in the shade. Just perfect.

Thanks Kai for this wonderful adventure. I hope to see you again and do this all over. It was a pleasure. Thank you, thank you.