Sunday, November 29, 2009

Regulator Issue

With a houseful of folks expected for Thanksgiving dinner and cooking a turkey and a ham, we needed to use a second oven. Never fear, the TradeWind to the rescue. The ham was precooked so we just needed a way to heat it up. After preheating the oven and the ham put in, I went out after about 20 minutes to check on it. Once I stepped inside the trailer, I heard a loud swoooooosh sound start up. I couldn't tell what it was. I thought maybe a water pipe broke. No, that wasn't it, no water anywhere and the pump would have come on. I went outside to check the propane pigtails and couldn't see anything out of place. I held my hand around different areas of the hoses and fitting and there it was. The regulator blew where the front and back are stamped together. Not anything you could see with the naked eye but it was really shooting out of there. This regulator is only 7 or so years old and I would expect one to last longer than this. Glad this happened when it did and I was around to find the problem. I'll need to replace as soon as I can.

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