Saturday, July 25, 2009

Scout Truck in Miniature

Well, its finally done. The last bit of trim has been glued on and its finally complete. I still am devising the glass covered display/base so there is still a bit to do. Here are a few pictures but the display will remain a secret until its complete.

The top photo is a recreation of one of PeeWee's photos while he was on the African Caravan. Some of you will recognize the shot.


Sugarfoot said...

Brad, it is unbelievable, absolutely amazing. I would say it exceeds museum quality right down to the drip caps over the storage compartments. Excellent work!

Brad Norgaard said...

Thanks SugarFoot. I had alot of fun doing it. Now if the glass company would just call me and tell me they're done with my order.

Barry Norgaard said...

This is most excellent and having been blessed to visit my brother last month and see this in person, I can truly say that pictures don't do it justice. Incredible craftsmanship!